About Life Imitating Tech

Are you interested in technology as art?  Welcome to Life Imitating Tech, where left and right brains meet to make cool stuff.

Mark Morris

Life Imitating Tech was formed in 2015 when Mark Morris left a comfortable job and salary behind to devote himself to creating a new type of game incorporating his passions for robotics, art, storytelling, and music.  When Robocto is released in 2017, it will be the first in a series of games where the player is immersed in a simulated real-world environment based on the novel Circus Of Prodigy.  Players will guide a robotic octopus to explore, survive, and evolve in an ocean full of resources and dangers.  Robocto and subsequent releases will challenge players to create automatic behaviors and modify the physical design of their character to better compete, building an understanding of programming logic, hardware design trade-offs, and other engineering principles of robotics.

Mark Morris has a 15-year history of developing robots that operate in space, in the air, on land, and underwater.  Starting at Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Systems, Mark designed autonomous vehicles for the Navy and Air Force.  At iRobot Maritime Systems, Mark designed various underwater vehicles for research and government institutions eventually taking the role of Production Software Lead.  At Garmin, Mark invented, patented, and prototyped a new form of navigation enabling rock climbers to record a 3D map of a route using a smartwatch and then use that map to guide others through the route.  During this time Mark has written 2 books, produced several music projects, and honed his skills as an artist.