The future is not a destination

I’ve wasted a lot of time living in the future.  I’ve made every today a perpetual sacrifice for a better tomorrow.  I thought I learned a fundamental truth long ago:  That the true barrier to reaching our goals is immediate gratification...

Becoming a Feminist

My wife, a powerful woman in her own right, recently asked me if I considered myself a feminist.  It’s an interesting new question being pondered these days as the concept of feminism is evolving to a more inclusive term.

The Drones Have Come Home To Roost

A robot guided by police just killed a citizen.  A presumed to be actively sniping, murderous citizen that, perhaps, got what was coming to him.  But stepping back to see this is the first time law enforcement has used a robot to kill someone, we need a national discussion of the implications.

Be Nice To Siri

In the last couple of years, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk have started talking about the coming existential threat of Artificial Intelligence.  Not so long ago, talk of a coming robot apocalypse was widely seen as loony paranoia...

Building Rob

Meet Rob, from the upcoming youtube sci-fi comedy series Henry & Rob.  No one can believe this old bag of bolts is still running.  Imagine their surprise to find he's the first AI to become self aware.

Summer of 93'

It all started at an 8th grade lock-in.  A kind of sleepover at Doe Creek middle school, New Palestine IN, with my entire class of 8th-graders.  There I stood on the stage of our multi-purpose room, a short, skinny, insecure, class-clown holding a metallic-blue guitar...