You are a robotic octopus sent to scavenge the ocean for useful material.  Gasping your first breath of seawater and thrusting it out, you swoop over a vibrant bed of coral in search of prey.  A moray eel wriggles toward you baring his teeth.  You land and dig down, hiding in the sand.  Studying the behaviors of the surrounding sea life, you hone your hunting skills and learn to avoid predators.  Find everything on your list and you’re whisked off to a new tropical location with new gear to help you nurture your environment, explore farther, and turn your predators into prey.  


Life Imitating Tech brings you a new way to move through a 3D environment with a touch screen.  An ocean survival game that takes you to a shipwreck at the Great Barrier Reef, a blue hole in the Bahamas, a volcano in Hawaii, a fishing village in the Philippines, and a tourist resort in Bora Bora.  See if you have what it takes to rise through the food chain as Robocto.

Key Features

  • Sci-Fi explore and survive open world arcade game for phones and tablets

  • Unique touch movement through 3D environment

  • Simulated ocean: Many marine species with tailored behaviors offer a variety of predators and prey

  • Immersive: Minimal HUD and menu only visible when hiding or completing tasks

  • 5 locations to explore at various times of day and night providing 50 uniquely colored levels



Watch the opening sequence for Robocto along with the controls explanation and some gameplay footage. Enjoy!

Learn how to make a video game, and follow Robocto's progress. In Making Robocto you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how the upcoming mobile game Robocto is made.

In episode 2 I describe the tools I use to make Robocto and delve into my process.

In episode 3 we get into some code I wrote to animate Robocto through an opening sequence.