Your den just 3D-printed you into existence.  You emerge as a robotic octopus in a vibrant cove of coral, gasp your first breath of seawater and thrust it out, gliding through a school of fish.  Instinctively you reach out to hook a Blue Tang and stash it in your belly.  A Moray Eel wriggles towards you baring his teeth.  You land and dig down, hiding in the sand.

Once you’re safe you discover a dark red rock and carry it to your den.  You are now docked to a powerful factory that can use what you scavenge to print the gear you’ll need to survive, evolve up the food chain, dominate your environment, and spread your species to a new den.
In time you will understand why you exist.  For now just study the behaviors of the marine life to learn how to hunt or avoid them.  Build your defenses, hone your attacks, nurture your coral bed, and explore a vast terrain of surprises.

Life Imitating Tech brings you a new way to move through a 3D environment with a touch screen.  A new type of ocean survival game that combines science fiction with real science.  Why play a fish tank game when your tank can be the ocean and you can learn to survive inside it?

Status: In development, likely to release beta in Spring 2017



Best of Gear Previews

Gear Preview: Crawler

Gear Preview: Great White Virus

Gear Preview: Moray Eel Virus

Gear Preview: Artificial Reef

Gear Preview: Chemical Beacon

Gear Preview: Sonar & Stun Skin

Gear Preview: Biopower Beacon

Gear Preview: Methane Sensor & Station

Gear Preview: Rock Drill

Gear Preview: Harpoon

Gear Preview: Stun Ink

Gear Preview: Storage Capsule

Gear Preview: CO2 Tank


Watch the opening sequence for Robocto along with the controls explanation and some gameplay footage. Enjoy!

Learn how to make a video game, and follow Robocto's progress. In Making Robocto you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how the upcoming mobile game Robocto is made.

In episode 2 I describe the tools I use to make Robocto and delve into my process.

In episode 3 we get into some code I wrote to animate Robocto through an opening sequence.